Kean University Faces Loss Of Accreditation

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Kean University President Darwood Farahi continues to raise the ire of faculty. Within the last few months Farahi received a vote of “no confidence" by the faculty. In addition, the Middle States Association refused to renew the University’s accreditation, placing the higher education institution on “probation." Loss of accreditation could destroy the value of any degree earned by students. Now, it has been reported that, on August 6, 2012, the faculty Senate delivered another “no confidence” vote against Farahi. The faculty Senate approved a statement saying that they have no confidence in Farahi’s ability to move the university forward.

Faculty President Dr. James Castiglione has reported that the Faculty Senate is especially concerned about the loss of accreditation, which will affect not only Kean University, but all of New Jersey higher education. According to Castiglione:
"The Senate has been controlled by Farahi for years, but now even his allies are repudiating him.
Farahi sent his Special Counsel, Ms. Felice Vazquez, to the meeting where she tried to derail the vote. Vazquez is formerly an Associate Attorney at WeinerLesniak, the law firm of State Senator Raymond Lesniak, who is a one of New Jersey's most feared political power brokers and a close personal friend of Farahi. Her employment at Kean is understood as an effort by Lesniak to regain control of things at Kean and to report back to him.

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