Kean U. Scandal Recalls NJCU Controversy

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As pressure continues to build for the removal of a Union County public university president for alleged resumé padding, some are wondering why there was no similar outcry when the former president of New Jersey City University, also a public institution, admitted to a falsehood on his resumé in court testimony.

In fact, one of the critics of the NJCU president recently became the subject of a civil rights complaint filed by the university because he complained about the president – even though his complaint turned out to be valid (see sidebar).

Since December, faculty members and students at Kean University in Union have called for the investigation or removal of Kean University President Dawood Farahi after several alleged inaccuracies were uncovered on his resumé. Kean students and the Kean Federation of Teachers have asked their Board of Trustees to investigate Farahi’s credentials and the case has drawn broad attention in the media.

The case is reminiscent of that of NJCU President Carlos Hernandez, who for years was accused of including a master’s degree on his resumé that he did not earn. Hernandez, who will retire in July, admitted during a 2011 trial that he did not have the degree.

With the Farahi controversy brewing, two of Hernandez’s longtime critics are now asking the state to take a closer look at his case and decide whether the public university president committed fraud against New Jersey taxpayers.

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