Kansas State Cars provides university students with useful local information

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Kansas State Cars is a branch of the Briggs Auto Group in Kansas that was created to assist students of the university in finding, researching and purchasing a new or used vehicle. One of the ways that the program informs K-State students and other Manhattan, Kan. residents is through the blog, which is an arsenal of information that covers topics such as car care tips, car shopping tips and details on past, present and future car models.

As much of the information currently on the blog can be found elsewhere, such as automotive manufacturer websites, the program is making a step to provide more useful, local information to its valued customers. A category dedicated specifically to K-State news was recently added to make it easy for students to stay updated with the ongoing opportunities and projects taking place at the university.

Most recently, Kansas State Cars highlighted some important points from the Kansas State University 2025 Visionary Plan, which outlines the steps K-State plans to take in order to become one of the nation's top 50 Public Research Universities by 2025. Another blog post on the Kansas State Cars website covered the recent addition to the long-standing Bill Snyder Family Stadium, which is the first of many changes from the Visionary Plan that will be made to the university's athletic department.

As part of the program, financial support for projects such as the West Stadium Center is directly provided by Kansas State Cars. Over a 10 year period, all dealerships participating in the program reallocate funds once spent on traditional advertising and disperse it to university programs such as K-State Athletics and the Alumni Association. The money goes towards scholarships, facility enhancements and alumni programs, meaning past and future students can also benefit from the program.

Those interested in finding out more about Kansas State Cars are encouraged to contact the program's coordinators at 855-346-9387. The Kansas State Cars blog can be viewed on the website at www.kansasstatecars.com.