Kansas City Kansas CC and U Alabama at Birmingham Go Live With Integrated Parchment Services via the IDataHub

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Parchment Inc. announced today that two new members have deployed Parchment services fully integrated with their student information system (SIS) platforms. Both Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have launched a Parchment solution coupled with the IDataHub, fully automating eTranscript exchange at their institutions.

Full automation with Parchment enables institutions to order, receive, send and print transcripts in any format or to any data standard. The result is greater operational efficiency, along with significant cost savings, a winning combination for schools and the students they serve.

IDataHub, developed specifically for higher education data systems by Alexandria, VA-based IData, acts as a web services or batch interface with an institution's existing applications, allowing them to communicate securely with other systems. Parchment teamed with IData to integrate eTranscript services via the IDataHub into the Ellucian Banner SIS platform at KCKCC and UAB. The IData partnership is one of several ways Parchment enables postsecondary institutions to send and receive transcript data in their preferred format and to easily manage the process from within their own SIS, reducing the need for active staff management.

"The demand in the postsecondary market is clear: colleges and universities want a straightforward approach to adopting eTranscripts with full automation, which puts a greater premium on our extensive experience integrating Parchment services into the major ERP platforms," said Parchment CEO Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D.

"Getting to a simple, true end-to-end integration is always the goal for an institution, but not always the result," said KCKCC Dean of Enrollment Management and Registrar, Dr. Denise McDowell. "With Parchment and IData, I had great confidence that the integration would be seamless and fast, and my expectations have been exceeded."

Parchment offers the broadest range of integration options for schools of all sizes including native student information system (SIS) integrations, the IDataHub middleware client, community-developed integration software, and web services integrations.

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