Kaltman Offers New Paddle Antenna for IWx

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Kaltman Creations’ has introduced a paddle-shaped IWxANT Amplified Directional Antenna, for use with Invisible Waves X systems, for RF analysis, promising 10 dB of additional gain through a calibrated onboard amplifier. The inherent directional characteristics of the LOG Periodic antenna allow for directional analysis while excluding background RF.

The IWxANT features a bias "T" power injector with DC blocker (SMA connections); 12V power supply (for applications other than with IWx); a BNC to SMA adaptor, an SMA to SMA jumper and microphone stand mount. Specs include 450MHz to 870MHz frequency range, with usable gain up to 950MHz; 50 Ohms impedance, close to a 100-degree beam pattern; 3dB or 10dB gain select options and a BNC connection (BNC cable not included).

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