Kalamazoo Valley Community College Sees $642,000 In Energy Savings Over Year

Ann McClure's picture

The best part of Ted Forester's job at Kalamazoo Valley Community College is seeing the energy bill, he says.

“In a year and half, to see the bill go down more than $600,000 – that’s hundreds times my salary – to be able to do that for the community is awesome,” said Forester, the college's Energy Education specialist. “And it’s not inconveniencing anyone. We are not shutting lights off during class.”

Energy Education’s Regional President Michael Bitar at a meeting of the KVCC Board of Trustees on Tuesday presented the college with an Energy Stewardship Award for reducing its energy costs by approximately $642,000 – about 23 percent.

Energy Education has been training Forester to work with maintenance personnel, staff and faculty to minimize energy consumption by implementing routines in all of the college's facilities.

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