Kalamazoo Valley Community College Enrollment Numbers Down, But Graduate Numbers On The Rise

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Despite Kalamazoo Valley Community College enrollment numbers being down about 400 students from last winter, the college expects to graduate more students.

Last year some 11,600 students were enrolled in 102,000 credit hours during the winter term, but 2012 enrollment is just below 11,200 students who are enrolled in 97,500 credit hours, which is a 3.5 percent headcount decrease, according to a KVCC Enrollment Report.

"Summer registration is stronger than we anticipated, but we will be down for the year in terms of enrollment,"President Marilyn Schlack said at a board meeting on Tuesday night.

Despite the headcount drop, KVCC Board of Trustees approved graduating 836 graduates in the winter semester, a 16 percent increase in graduates from the 2011 commencement list.

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