Kalamazoo College's New Fieldhouse Aims To Be Most Efficient On Building Campus

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The only similarity between Kalamazoo College’s old athletic Calder building and the new 25,000 square foot facility at Angell Field Athletic Complex is the college calling them "fieldhouses."

Officials questioned what to do with the 9,000 square foot building, located on Burrows Road since 1958, before demolishing the building in March. Now officials are deciding if the new 100-person banquet room overlooking Angell Field should be rented out for parties, or possibly a wedding.

"Basically, it was just locker rooms and storage area," archivist Lisa Murphy said in March. "It hadn't changed all that much from when it was built, and that was one reason it needed to be updated."

The building will have various trophy and meeting rooms, a decorative lobby, equipment rooms, a laundry room and area accessible from the football field, where athletes will receive medical treatment or tub therapy.

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