Kalamazoo College Board Approves 10-Year Master Plan For Campus That Includes Stadium Lights

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The Kalamazoo College Board of Trustees has approved a 10-year master plan for the college.

Completion of the plan, approved Friday by the Board of Trustees, brings the college a step closer to becoming the first entity classified by the city of Kalamazoo as an “institutional campus zone.” The designation will allow the college to seamlessly develop campus over the next decade without needing city approval on land-use matters.

The college opened its blueprints to the public in January, sharing its vision for a more visible and accessible campus; additional parking and green space, possibly in the quad area; a new fitness center with a swimming pool; and construction of a new building for the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

A controversial proposal to add stadium lights, which the college plans to install at a rebuilt soccer and football complex on West Michigan Avenue and Burrows Road, remain part of the college's long-term plan.

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