Judge: University of Iowa Lawsuit Must Remain Open

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A district court judge has ordered that only names and other personal identifying information related to the patients and employees involved in the legal dispute between a University of Iowa radiologist and his superiors be kept confidential.

Judge Patrick Grady rejected a motion by lawyers for the University of Iowa that would have allowed nearly all information in the legal dispute involving Dr. Malik Juweid and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics administrators to be kept confidential.

“The court agrees that the defendant’s proposal for a protective order is overly restrictive,” Grady wrote in a ruling filed Wednesday. “The court does not intend to allow this litigation to take place free of all public scrutiny.”

Lawyers for the university asked Grady for the authority to unilaterally declare confidential any document or information contained in a document before Juweid's lawsuit went to trial. Any challenge to the sealing of a document would have to be reviewed by a judge.

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