Judge Rejects Claim That Cal State Tuition Hike Was Illegal

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A Cal State Los Angeles student lost a round Wednesday in his legal battle to prevent a tuition increase when a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge rejected his claim that the Cal State board's recent approval of the hike was illegal.

Robert W. Bates, a graduate student who is seeking a teaching credential, had sought a preliminary injunction to block the 9% increase for next fall, arguing that the university's trustees violated public meeting laws during a tumultuous Nov. 16 session that was disrupted by protesters.

The meeting was halted as police and demonstrators clashed outside and then was reconvened in a nearby room, where trustees voted 9 to 6 for the tuition increase. Several members of the public and media said they were forbidden access or were unaware that the meeting had resumed.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a trustee, later expressed doubts about the transparency of the proceedings and called on the governing board to revisit the vote at another meeting.

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