Johnson County CC Coordinates, Automates Communications

Lynn Russo Whylly's picture

Historically, all 26,000 annual applicants to Johnson County Community College (Kan.) received up to three printed communiqués regarding their admissions status. While more information is usually better, the problem with JCCC’s process was that pieces of communication were not sent in chronological order. This created confusion for students.

When students submitted their application for admission, they would first receive a postcard indicating they had been accepted. Once the admissions staff had reviewed each application, approximately 15,000 of those students would receive a handwritten postcard with a list of items still required for enrollment, such as ACT scores, a resident alien card, or high school authorization. Transfer students might also receive a letter requesting a copy of prior college transcripts.

For students who thought their work was done, this was confusing. On top of that, no additional communication was sent confirming receipt of missing items.