John A. Logan College to enhance student success with Jenzabar JX

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Jenzabar®, Inc., a leading provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, announced that John A. Logan College (JALC) selected Jenzabar’s newest ERP and Jenzabar’s continuing education software. Jenzabar will provide JALC constituents anytime, anyplace, and any device access, and deliver the required functionality to help enhance student success.

“The number one strategic goal of the College was to enhance student success,” said Terry Crain, Dean for Student Services at John A. Logan College. “The new ERP system had to fit in a very tight budget and could not require a significant number of additional staff. Jenzabar JX ERP supports the needs of faculty and students, making tasks less time consuming and more efficient. Jenzabar offers the most value for our money.”

John A. Logan’s previous ERP system had limited functionality and could not support data-driven decision making. The choice to go with a hosted solution was based on a business case that considered total cost of ownership, business continuity, and impact on staffing requirements. Offered as a hosted solution, Jenzabar JX is the industry’s next generation ERP built from the ground up with the latest technology. Jenzabar JX will provide John A. Logan College students convenient self-service and mobile access to information, and allow them to easily register for classes, pay bills, and perform other student services.

“The big difference was that Jenzabar took our budget into account from the beginning and only talked about what could be delivered within our budget,” said Crain. “John A. Logan College had a strong team of experienced staff who were committed to finding an affordable solution that leverages the advancements in technology.”

Another key differentiator for JALC was the support of continuing education through the Jenzabar Higher Reach product. Higher Reach is an ecommerce solution that helps streamline, simplify, and optimize the performance of continuing education programs.

“Other vendors did not have nearly as strong of a solution for continuing education as Jenzabar,” said Crain. “We need better support of the Continuing and Corporate Education activities at the College. Higher Reach offers simplified access and more efficient services, making it easier for lifelong learners to register for classes and for employers to contract with JALC for training.”

“In addition to increasing services for students and staff, Jenzabar JX and Jenzabar Higher Reach will help inform leaders at John A. Logan of information needed for strategic planning and decision making,” said Robert A. Maginn, Jr., Jenzabar Chairman and CEO. “Jenzabar’s more reliable and supportable software and cloud services will have a direct, positive impact on student success at the College.”

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