Jerry Brown Seeks College Students' Support For Proposition 30

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It's not often the youngest voters can weigh in on something that will have an immediate and concrete impact on their lives. But that's the case with a tax measure on California's Nov. 6 ballot known as Proposition 30.

If it passes, California State University plans to lower tuition in January and send $250 refund checks to students for the higher rate they paid this term. Tuition at the University of California would stay flat for the next semester.

If it fails, CSU plans to admit 20,000 fewer new students for the fall. Cal State tuition is set to go up 5 percent in January, the same month that UC officials have said they would raise tuition by about 20 percent, to around $15,800 a year.

There's little evidence yet, however, that college students are rising up en masse to support it – something that Gov. Jerry Brown will begin working today to change.

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