Jenzabar partners with Xitracs for enhanced accreditation management

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Jenzabar, Inc., a leading provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, announced today a new partnership with Xitracs, an accreditation, planning and assessment reporting software system. The partnership will help higher education institutions manage accreditation and reporting processes.

Xitracs is designed to allow a customer to approach reporting on key aspects of accreditation such as standards submission, credentials reports, strategic planning and program assessment from the point of view of accreditation agency needs. Jenzabar clients can now access Xitracs’ easy-to-use and flexible features for gathering, tracking and reporting information without burdening faculty and staff.

“We are pleased to partner with Jenzabar, a leading and great brand in the education industry,” said Martin Bradley, President of Concord USA, Inc., provider of Xitracs. “Used by institutions across the United States, Xitracs has made it much easier to gather and report the information needed to manage all aspects of accreditation. Now, Xitracs will allow Jenzabar to enhance its already winning software solutions.”

“Our partnership with Xitracs will further connect our customers with Higher Educational Accrediting Agencies and standards,” said Tom Quinn, Vice President of Partner Programs at Jenzabar. “With the various Xitracs product offerings, our customers will obtain and maintain accreditation information including faculty credentials and strategic plans, plus program assessment and course outcome assessment. The additional technical resources allow users to take-on reporting and enhance productivity.”

About Xitracs

Xitracs Accreditation, Planning and Assessment Reporting System is from Concord USA, Inc. based in Atlanta GA with offices in Brisbane AUS. Established in 1987, Concord has extensive experience in database, content management and web applications for the education industry, including its flagship Xitracs product. Please visit .

About Jenzabar

Jenzabar, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise software, strategies, and services developed exclusively for higher education. The company offers integrated, innovative solutions to advance the goals of academic and administrative offices across the campus and throughout the student lifecycle. As a trusted partner serving more than 1,000 campuses worldwide, Jenzabar has over four decades of experience supporting the higher education community. Jenzabar is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. For further information, please visit .