Jenzabar Partners with Intellidemia to Help Clients Build A Collaborative Academic Community

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Jenzabar a provider of software, services, and strategies for higher education, announced today a new partnership with Intellidemia, the Syllabus Geeks and leaders in online syllabus management, to help schools build a more collaborative academic community through streamlined administrative processes and centrally managed syllabi.
The Jenzabar and Intellidemia partnership represents a shared vision to develop new ways that streamline workflows for academic administrators and faculty, while improving student engagement. Intellidemia provides smart syllabus solutions that address accreditation, compliance, and retention. By partnering with Intellidemia, Jenzabar is extending its academic portfolio as well as its learning management system, e-Racer, by providing clients with new tools that help simplify the syllabus management process and enhance collaboration with constituents.

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