Jared Polis Blasts Bruce Benson For Claims U of Colorado Could Lose $1B Over Amendment 64

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The University of Colorado risks losing nearly $1 billion a year in federal funding because of the looming decriminalization of marijuana in this state under Amendment 64, President Bruce Benson warned alumni in an e-mail sent late Friday night.

That message quickly drew a pointed response from U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, who took to Twitter to decry Benson's e-mail as "false and misleading" and claim that "the president of CU should not spread lies about the will of Colorado voters just because he personally disagrees."

In his e-mail, Benson, a Republican, notes he personally opposed Amendment 64 and "worked on my own time to defeat it." Since the measure's passage by voters last month, Benson wrote, CU is trying to determine the implications it will have on the university.

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