Ivy Tech Brings Classroom Into The Workplace

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In response to demands by Indiana employers for better-skilled and more flexible workers, Ivy Tech Community College will vastly expand its workplace training programs at companies across the state.

In two years, Ivy Tech wants to double the $15 million in revenue it now gets from training 25,000 workers a year, said President Thomas J. Snyder. Within a few years, he said, Ivy Tech could be training 75,000 to 100,000 workers a year, with most of that occurring on factory floors and in company offices rather than on Ivy Tech's regional campuses.

"We think it's critical for Indiana to maintain its competitive edge," he said. "Even with the high jobless rate, there are skill shortages at almost all companies."

The expanded workplace training -- called "contract education" by some -- will operate under the name Ivy Tech Corporate College and have its own president and about 150 teachers and staff.

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