It's time to get rid of teaching and learning

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Sound the trumpets! Education is entering an age of student-centered learning wherein learning takes precedence over teaching. But if you think this newest model represents "innovative" thinking, you aren't looking beyond the donor-plaqued, ivy-covered walls of academe.

We already know that education cannot be confined to brick and mortar. Like Giordano Bruno's idea of god, it should be without circumference, a kinetic force that can be delivered anywhere and anytime, with learning centers in every country and household. But the MOOC masters are all about universal and timeless access to something that looks like learning and reduces cost while remaining measurable by standardized testing. It's as if those business people who for the last 40 or 50 years have been saying that we should run colleges like their businesses have died and gone to heaven. Which could be a good thing, because, as Thomas Kuhn writes, the old fogies' dying is a requisite for real paradigm change on earth.

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