It's Not All About Financial Aid

Lynn Russo Whylly's picture

Although helping institutions with financial aid strategies may be why we are most often hired, we typically find that an institution’s enrollment success is seldom just about financial aid - making the case for value, building relationships, and providing excellent service are also key in meeting enrollment goals. The best aid strategy will not be effective in growing enrollments, for example, if there is not sufficient demand to generate a critical number of admitted students. In addition, at some institutions, admitted students are simply not very sensitive to increases in grants. In this case increasing grants would likely result in minimal enrollment growth and come at the expense of net tuition revenue. Even if students are responsive to increases in aid, if they feel like “just a number,” encounter cumbersome processes, or find it difficult to get answers to their questions, yield will suffer. While the aid package is an important piece in most families’ enrollment decisions, it is certainly not the only factor. Here are some other factors to consider.

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