Is It time for colleges to apply more academic muscle to develop entrepreneurs?

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Cambridge, Massachusetts is known as one of the higher education and start-up meccas in the U.S. Those of us that live close by, understand and embrace it, and probably take it for granted more than we should.

Peets Coffee, located in Cambridge's Harvard Square, is my ideal ideation location where my brain fires on all cylinders activating new ideas. I know why this happens. Creative energy permeates the air. I love to listen-in on conversations that are going on around me. Sometimes just feet away from my table I hear some amazing things in which I scratch my head and wonder if the next Steve Jobs is sitting next to me. Hmm.

Young people are everywhere in Harvard Square. A high percentage of them are students. They're writing, researching, studying, building start-ups and writing code. You name it, they're creating it. This unique entrepreneurial environment causes me to think about how I can merge my own business skills with college students to create something special. With the word start-up on the mind of every business school in America, my brain tells me we should all activate student entrepreneurialism.

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