It’s not so far-fetched to see future of collegiate sports as a business entity

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The first intercollegiate basketball game was played in 1896 or thereabouts — shockingly, research numbering into the minutes reveals multiple claims to the first ever, and how could a fact on the Internet ever be in dispute?

The first intercollegiate football game, it’s more widely agreed, took place in 1869, although even that is subject to some debate given that the Rutgers-Princeton tilt of that year had limited resemblance to the modern version.

But in these media-saturated, data-intense times in which nothing goes unobserved or undocumented, we may know down to the nanosecond when the last intercollegiate football and basketball games were played, at least in the form that we know them and at least at the major-college level.

At the rate things are going, that moment could come as soon as the end of next season.

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