Iowa State U Will Pay $90,000 To Replace President's First-Floor Carpet

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Iowa’s board of regents will vote Tuesday to spend $90,000 to replace the first-floor carpet at the Knoll, the residence of Iowa State University’s president.

The entire cost of the carpet and the overall $375,000 project will be paid for from donations made to the Iowa State Foundation, an organization that in recent years has annually raised more than $100 million for such necessities as scholarships and program support.

University officials acknowledge the costs may be shocking to casual observers but maintain they are necessary.

“While for a lot of respects this might not be optimum timing given the economy and reduction in state appropriations and the like, it’s still my view that this is something that probably should be done at this point in time,” said Bob Downer, a member of the Iowa Board of Regents.

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