Iowa Lakes Community College partners with MBS Direct

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Iowa Lakes Community College Bookstore is saving students money.

Iowa Lakes Community College, Emmetsburg, Iowa, has officially partnered with MBS Direct to improve their students’ textbook experience. MBS Direct’s Virtual Bookstore provides students with the features that they care about the most: low prices and a variety of purchasing options. These options include:

Used books

Offers up to 25 percent off of the list price and possibly available to sell back during buyback.

Guaranteed Buyback

Unique to MBS Direct. Informs students of the exact amount they will receive for selling their textbooks back at the end of the academic term, saving them up to 70 percent.


Allows savings of up to 95 percent by connecting students with private vendors.


Upfront savings up to 60 percent off of list price.

Digital books

Students can save up to 80 percent off the list price. Plus students can lighten their load by accessing their books on almost any device. With a 99.9 percent order accuracy rate, students won’t have to worry about getting exactly what they need. If they have any questions or issues, MBS Direct provides a 24/7 customer service call center.

“It was a no brainer. We wanted to work with a company with a little more reach. We thought that would be advantageous for our students,” said Store Coordinator Doug Sutton. “[MBS Direct] offers better pricing, better buyback. We’re installing a new MBS POS system from MBS’s Systems division, which should make our students experience in our physical locations better as well.”

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About Iowa Lakes Community College

Iowa Lakes Community College is a community college with five different campuses in five different counties around Iowa. They offer online courses for students all over the state. .

About MBS Direct

MBS Direct, LLC is the industry leader in providing virtual bookstores with comprehensive print and digital inventories of course materials. Founded in 1992, MBS Direct partners with nearly 950 K-12 and higher educational institutions, for innovative bookstore services. In 2013, MBS Direct serviced over 1 million students, in partnership with client institutions, saving them over $28 million through cost savings initiatives.