Investigation Into Former UW-Madison Athletic Official Could Cost $100,000

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UW-Madison estimated it could cost up to $100,000 to investigate a former senior athletic official accused of sexual assault, according to a work contract for the review.

The university appointed former Dane County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Fiedler, now an attorney with Axley Brynelson, LLP, to lead the inquiry into John Chadima, formerly a senior associate athletic director. The contract, approved Jan. 19, states that Fiedler will charge at a rate of $300 per hour plus out-of-pocket costs.

A university spokeswoman said UW-Madison has authorization to pay up to $100,000, but she doesn't know if it will cost that much. It depends on how many hours the work takes, she said.

An initial report by Fiedler and three other investigators found that a male student employee accused Chadima of sexually assaulting him at a pre-Rose Bowl party in California. The report also alleged that Chadima threatened the student when he was rejected. Chadima resigned on Jan. 6.

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