Interim President Donald Para prepared to lead California State University, Long Beach

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When speaking with California State University, Long Beach, Interim President Donald Para, the term “new normal” comes up several times.

The school has about 30% less funding than three or four years ago, and although the recent passage of Proposition 30 will help stabilize, it will take quite a while to get back to where CSULB was, he said.

“But, for the first time in five or six years, we actually have a budget we can plan,” Para said. “That’s huge for us.”

With the new normal, he added, is an emphasis on placing small budget increases toward student success initiatives. The CSU system currently is in a yearlong study process on performance-based funding — divvying up money to its schools based on things like graduation success rates. Admission has remained relatively flat while educators look to help the students already in the school navigate the system to a successful graduation.

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