Interactive White Board System from PNF Helps Create Better, More Impactful Presentations in Classrooms

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The uBoard® white board system from PenandFree Co, Ltd. (PNF) empowers schools and businesses to create their most compelling interactive presentations ever, while staying well within budgetary constraints. uBoard stirs creativity and encourages collaboration within the classroom and boardroom.  
Simple to use and afford, the uBoard instantly transforms any flat surface into a rich interactive environment. The user can effortlessly enhance their presentation by writing notes and highlighting items on-screen, and then save their presentations to share with colleagues or students. Best of all, uBoard costs only a fraction of the price of a stationary white board. Plus, it easily moves from room to room, office to office or on the road with unlimited flexibility. No bulky presentation components means the entire uBoard system can fit inside a laptop bag with room to spare.

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