Inside sales can improve results more quickly with Noble

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Noble Systems Corporation, a global leader in unified contact center technology solutions, announces the launch of its Noble for Sales Cloud Fast Start solution. Noble for Sales Cloud provides integration between the Noble Enterprise contact center platform and the world’s leading enterprise cloud computing and CRM platform, allowing inside sales departments to generate more contacts and achieve improved efficiency and productivity.

Noble for Sales Cloud Fast Start offers inside sales teams the additional benefit of a streamlined implementation process. The reduced setup period gives companies faster access to Noble’s award-winning contact features, so that sales reps can ramp up their efficiency and make more sales more quickly. With Noble’s integration to the CRM platform, sales reps can work within the CRM workflow environment they are familiar with and have one-click access to a range of contact management tools to dial a number, schedule a callback, transfer a call and more.

“Combining our contact automation with their SFA enables companies to achieve a two-fold or greater increase in productivity,” says Chris Hodges, Senior VP Sales and Marketing. “And with the new Fast Start program, sales managers can start seeing improved results in a fraction of the time of a standard implementation, to make more contacts and increase sales revenues.”

The Fast Start solution delivers contact management tools that have an immediate impact on sales rep productivity. Additional features can be added-on to the Fast Track platform to further improve performance, including compliance and campaign management, integrated soft phone, call recording, dropping voice mail messages, advanced reporting tools, sales analytics and more.

About Noble Systems

Noble Systems Corporation is a global leader in the customer communications industry, providing innovative solutions for Unified Communications, Business Process Management and Analytics. Tens of thousands of agents at 4,000+ client installations worldwide use Noble platforms to manage millions of customer contacts each day. Noble offers a unified suite of multi-channel inbound, outbound and blended contact processing, strategy planning, and resource management tools for companies of all sizes. Our premise, cloud and innovative premise/cloud hybrid platforms include ACD, predictive dialing, blended processing, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics and workforce management. For more information on this item or the company, contact Lee Allum at 1.888.866.2538 or visit