Industry Watchers Expect MATC President Job Search To Be Highly Competitive

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Despite facing a bleak budget forecast and stagnant enrollment, Madison Area Technical College can expect a highly competitive field of candidates for its open president job, according to experts in college administration.

"This is a great comprehensive community college that's highly thought of and very innovative," said Narcisa Polonio, a vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based Association of Community College Trustees. "It's the type of position that a lot of current presidents or aspiring presidents would hope to compete for."

UW-Madison scholar Allen Phelps, who studies leadership in vocational technical colleges, agreed that the job will be attractive. The college's location in the same city as UW-Madison, which often overshadows MATC but has developed an increasingly close relationship with it in recent years, could play an important role in attracting MATC's next leader.

"I think we all have to think about providing more integration, more program coordination and more faculty collaborations (between the schools)," he said.

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