Indiana’s College Presidents Call on Hoosiers to Mentor

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As National Mentoring Month begins, the presidents of Indiana’s seven public universities and colleges, as well as representative of Indiana’s private colleges and universities, have jointly signed a declaration encouraging Hoosiers to “vigorously support youth mentoring as a life-changing strategy for the personal, academic, and economic success of Indiana children and youth.”

The declaration comes at a time when a newer trend in youth mentoring continues to grow. In some programs, including one funded by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s Learn More Indiana initiative, mentors are being paired with students in high school and are committing to staying in contact with their mentees through high school graduation and the student’s chosen path of completing a degree or training program.

Indiana has made great gains in raising Hoosiers’ aspirations for higher education, but far too many of our students leave college without earning a degree or credential,” said Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education. “A quality mentor can play an essential role in guiding and supporting students in getting an education beyond high school, and so I applaud our university presidents and join them in asking Hoosiers to consider becoming a mentor.

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