Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida & SALT partner

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The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) has partnered with SALT (, an educational resource created by the nonprofit American Student Assistance. SALT is a dynamic and free-to-the-user financial education program that teaches students and graduates how to manage their finances and repay student debt.

“ICUF is proud to join forces with ASA and their SALT program to help students and recent graduates learn how to take control of their finances on a practical level,” says Dr. Ed Moore, President of ICUF. “Financial literacy is a critical part of a student’s lifelong success and we encourage our member institutions to sponsor the SALT program for the benefit of their students and alumni.”

ICUF institutions who sign on with SALT will receive reduced pricing on their SALT sponsorship and can offer their students full access to the SALT suite of services. ASA is committed to offering full SALT services free of charge to students and alumni whose higher education institutions participate in the program. ASA has established a contribution-based model whereby multiple stakeholders interested in student success can contribute to the overall cost of delivering the service.

“We applaud ICUF for being forward-thinking on the individual success of students,” said Paul Combe, ASA President and CEO. “Empowering student borrowers with the necessary knowledge and resources to manage not only their student debt, but also all their finances, will create a new generation of well-educated consumers who are better able to contribute to the U.S. economy.”

The SALT program includes their signature “My Money 101” online personal finance curriculum (available in English and Spanish) and all features including a Repayment Navigator to track loans and compare repayment plans. Blogs, articles, videos, calculators and interactive tools are also available to offer advice and teach skills related to money management, and search engines for scholarships, full-time jobs and internships help students identify funding options that can help reduce the amount of debt incurred. Program participants also have access to one-on-one counseling with a loan specialist.

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