Husband and wife fired for ‘stealing’ parking at University of Iowa

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A former University of Iowa employee, who was fired because she was in the car when her husband “stole” parking, now is fighting for unemployment pay and some legal professionals say she has a case.

The woman’s unemployment insurance appeal raises questions about discipline of an employee who is present when a rule is broken versus being an active participant, and additional questions since the case involves a husband and wife, some say.

Danielle Hodges, 22, a former medical assistant II, was fired without warning from the university along with her husband on Nov. 7. Her husband, who is not named in the unemployment insurance appeal case file, parked on two occasions in late October in a prohibited patient-only parking lot outside the emergency treatment center and used an unauthorized code to exit , according to her case file.

Hodges committed misconduct in violating the university policy that prohibits stealing by parking in the prohibited lot and received the benefit of being closer to her work building than the designated parking lot, according to the case file.

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