Huntsville Fire, Alabama A&M Officials Resolve Water Gun Fight

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Huntsville Fire & Rescue Chief Mike Sublett says he believes an incident a week ago when Alabama A&M University students threw water balloons and used water guns on firefighters answering a false alarm was probably a prank that got out of hand.

Sublett said the fire department responded March 28 to a call-in fire alarm at one of the A&M dormitories, but there was no fire. Sublett said when the firefighters returned to the truck, some of the students threw water balloons, water bottles, cans and possibly some rocks at them and their truck.

Sublett said he and Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris met March 29 with university officials and Alabama A&M Police Chief Monica Ray and resolved the situation. Sublett said Ray told them students had started a water balloon and water gun fight earlier that morning and it had carried over to the fire alarm.

"Supposedly some students were arrested earlier in the day and this may have been the reason someone decided to activate the fire alarm in the dorm," Sublett said.

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