Hundreds Of Alabama State U Students, Faculty Protest Removal Of New President

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In a series of organized protests across the campus Tuesday morning, several hundred Alabama State University students called for the reinstatement of the new president, Joseph Silver, and answers to his claims that college administrators had misused state funding.

The morning demonstrations – organized by student government leaders and supported by faculty senator members – began with a gathering at the Acadome, moved into the Abernathy building and culminated with the storming of a news conference held by ASU's executive vice president, state Rep. John Knight.

"Bring Silver back! Bring Silver back!" the students declared, punctuating the chants with their fists, moments after Knight concluded a meeting with media.

The show of support for Silver was a carryover from an impromptu rally Monday evening, after news broke that an ASU executive committee had "summoned" Silver to a meeting and placed him on administrative leave with pay.

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