Huckaby: Regents Will Approve College Mergers

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University System of Georgia Chancellor Henry "Hank" Huckaby says he is confident the state Board of Regents will vote next week to approve consolidating eight colleges into four.

Huckaby said he doesn’t know how much money will be saved by merging the institutions and reducing administrative costs. He confirmed a list of mergers a state lawmaker released Tuesday to The Associated Press.

The proposed consolidations involve merging Gainesville State College with North Georgia College & State University; as well as merging Waycross College with South Georgia College in Douglas; Augusta State College with the Georgia Health Sciences University; and Middle Georgia College with Macon State College.

"This consolidation would be a positive step forward for the future of our institutions and for students seeking higher education degrees," said North Georgia President Bonita Jacobs in a news release. "Though our institutions have had unique identities, we share a common value of engaged student learning to help students succeed academically and professionally."

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