How one U.S. college is using a radical new program to reach students around the world

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Heila Cruz sits at her desk on the back row, hands gently resting on her green and blue binder as she waits for class to start.

It's a recent Thursday night and the Taylorsville high school LDS seminary building is slowing filling with 163 students — all of them over the age of 30 — who are meeting for the first time tonight as part of Pathway, an online college-preparation program through BYU-Idaho that is reaching students of all ages and all demographics, all across the world.

"I stopped (studying accounting) because I got married, came to the U.S. and had the kids," the Brazilian native says with a smile. "I (want to) improve my skills for English and to be confident."

For Cruz, and more than 7,000 Latter-day Saint students, Pathway represents a ticket to an education they never thought they could get, finish or even qualify for.

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