How the $1.2 trillion college debt crisis is crippling students, parents and the economy

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Two-thirds, that’s right, two-thirds of students graduating from American colleges and universities are graduating with some level of debt.  How much? According to The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS Project on Student Debt, the average borrower will graduate $26,600 in the red.

While we’ve all heard the screaming headlines of graduates with crippling debt of $100,000 or more, this is the case for only about 1% of graduates. That said, one in 10 graduates accumulate more than $40,000.

It’s a negative sum game for both student-borrowers and the economy. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan debt has reached a new milestone, crossing the $1.2 trillion mark — $1 trillion of that in federal student loan debt.

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