Housing Uncertainty at CSUMB Frustrates Students

Tim Goral's picture

If you've recently driven through CSU Monterey Bay, you must have bumped into them: the black and yellow speed "cushions" that are supposed to slow down traffic but are giving everyone a headache instead.

Jewel Gentry, an archaeology student, equates the effect of those speed bumps to what the university is doing by changing housing rules: putting obstacles in the middle of his educational road.

"They put like 90 humps all over campus โ€” the whole campus is like a driving bump," Gentry said, sitting on a green leather couch overflowing with sheets, pillows, blankets and socks, signs not of laundry but of moving. "Then the housing thing happened. In a nice, symbolic way, they put a big bump in the middle of our semester."

Like hundreds of other students living in East Campus Housing, Gentry was thrown into a tailspin in February when university officials announced major changes in its housing policy. Students were told they will no longer be allowed to rent an entire apartment for $1,210. Instead, they will have to share an apartment with two other people assigned to them โ€” just like it's done in the main campus dorms โ€” whether they like it or not.

At the time, university officials had not decided how much rent would be, although they assured everyone they did not expect a price increase. Students felt they were not getting straight answers to many of their questions. And no amount of pleading or pouting would make administrators budge from their position that the changes were needed to provide more housing for incoming students.

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