House Spending Cut Would Result In Tuition Increase, Regents Say

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Two members of the Iowa Board of Regents Friday warned that spending cuts being debated in the Legislature could lead to another tuition increase.

Board President Craig Lang and Regent Bruce Rastetter said they hoped lawmakers ultimately would stick close to Gov. Terry Branstad’s proposed budget, which calls for spending $545 million on the regents institutions, an increase of $20 million over the current fiscal year.

But House Republican leaders have called for a $490 million regents budget, which funds the state’s three public colleges as well as schools for deaf and sight-impaired people.

Unless lawmakers move closer to Branstad’s proposal, Lang said a tuition increase would be inevitable. That would follow a 3.75 percent increase approved by the Board of Regents last December for the school year beginning in fall 2012.

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