Hopkins President: University Has Moral Obligation To City

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Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels told the Baltimore Development Corp. board Thursday that the academic powerhouse has a moral obligation to "share our bounty" with the city.

Daniels said that he sees Hopkins students, faculty and staff as privileged and that each has a responsibility to help revitalize Baltimore by addressing homelessness, preparing children for good jobs, ending violence and reversing significant health problems.

"You can't sequester our institutions from the community," Daniels told the development board at its monthly meeting. "All of these things impact very directly the survival of our institutions. The reality is that we have billions of dollars invested in Baltimore City and we cannot, like some other institutions that have left the city, we cannot willy-nilly leave the city. We are here."

Daniels spoke briefly about the East Baltimore Development Inc. urban redevelopment project in the area north of Johns Hopkins' medical campus, saying the project — which will include retail space, a community school, a hotel and grocery stores — was moving from concept to reality.

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