In His Actions, McCrory Speaks More Loudly About Higher Education Goals

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Our state is home to an exceptional system of community colleges, illustrious state universities and some of the most prestigious private institutions in the world.

However, despite our world-renowned system of higher education, North Carolina is crippled by one of the worst youth unemployment rates in the country. In light of this, students and educators ought not disparage Gov. Pat McCrory for his emphasis on aligning education with employment.

Through various engagements since taking office, McCrory has proven that he will adjust the high school curriculum to prepare students for various career pathways, emphasize the acquisition of skills necessary for today’s job market, ensure the distribution of successful strategies and limited resources, and enhance the role of technology in contemporary education.

First, McCrory is working to emphasize both vocational and four-year educations, to refocus the high school curriculum in consideration of the current job market and to reduce the amount of time and money spent on remedial education.

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