Higher One Simplifies Banking

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Higher One, a leader in providing services to higher education administrators and students at more than 1,200 campuses across the U.S., announces the launch of OneAccount Edge, a new account that eliminates a conventional fee schedule. Edge will launch later this year with only one simple fee—$4.95 a month. Account holders of Edge will not incur any other fees from Higher One. The account waives minimum deposit requirements and eliminates fees for PIN activity, overdraft or non-sufficient funds (or NSF), inactivity and other service charges normally associated with traditional checking accounts.

“We’re listening. And we hear from customers that they are not just looking for a low-cost à la carte’ banking experience, but a simple one. So we’re offering both,” said President and COO Miles Lasater, who co-founded Higher One on a college campus in 2000. “We threw away convention and built this account from scratch. It’s unmatched—with a fee schedule simplified to practically one line.”

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