Higher One announces winners of National ‘Money on My Mind’ student contest

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Higher One, a leader in providing financial services and data analytics to over 1,600 college and university campuses across the U.S., has announced the winners of its annual Money on My Mind student video contest. In total, 10 college students were awarded a total of $4,200 in prizes for the entries that shared the best advice for overcoming money management challenges while balancing school and non-academic life.

The winning selections shared valuable advice on subjects such as financially transitioning from high school to college; how to utilize mobile banking apps to manage funds; money-saving tips and financial management advice for new college students; and how to smartly track spending while still being able to have fun.

“Our goal with Money on My Mind is to help students develop and share positive financial attitudes and behaviors through social engagement with their peers—this year’s winning videos successfully accomplished this,” said Mary Johnson, Financial Literacy and Consumer Advocacy expert at Higher One. “The selection committee was impressed with the more than 150 entries we received, and the peer-to-peer advice shared is critical when influencing the financial behaviors of young adults.”

In addition to the top three prizewinners listed below, seven runners-up also received $100 each for their winning entries, which can be viewed on Higher One’s One For Your Money blog.

Grand prize and $2,000: Ryan Wood, Rogue Community College

First prize and $1,000: Michael Kartawinata, Georgia Perimeter College

Second prize and $500: Roberto Agosto, Hillsborough Community College

The top prizewinners presented their unique money management advice through creative means, including first-prize winner Michael Kartawinata, a film major at Georgia Perimeter College—whose winning entry was an animated video diary “sketching” viewers through his personal financial transition from high school to college.

“Throughout college, money was always a huge issue. But having a bank account really helped,” Kartawinata said in the video. “If you’re just entering college, here’s some advice—make a list that separates your wants and your needs and try carrying some cash on you. It may be a hassle, but if you can see your money, you can see how much you’ve spent.”

Second-prize winner, Roberto Agosto, a student at Hillsborough Community College (FL), echoed the sentiment that as a college student, managing your money can be difficult at times. An aspiring filmmaker, Agosto also added that he plans on saving most of the prize money and using the rest to purchase new video production equipment.

“Money management can be difficult, but with practice and discipline, anyone can become financially-stress free,” Agosto said. “When I discovered the Money On My Mind contest, I saw a chance to practice my passion—now that I’m doing some freelance work and getting myself out there in the field, I need to invest in getting better gear, which can add up quickly for those on a tight budget.”

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