Higher Education Task Force Considers Big Changes, Higher Tuition

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When Gov. Rick Scott brushed aside intense lobbying from state universities and vetoed a tuition increase earlier this year, he created a blue ribbon panel to identify ways to make the state's higher education system more efficient.

Their answer? Proposals similar to those Scott vetoed, including tuition increases and even higher fees for students with majors that will lead to high-paying jobs.

Under one proposal, released this week by Scott's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Higher Education, university funding would be determined by how well individual schools meet accountability benchmarks, including a measurement of how many graduating students find jobs.

The latter recommendation could help assuage Scott, who wrote in a veto message this spring he was hesitant to hike tuition on students without "a more detailed plan" to ensure they get a good return on investment. The task force's recommendations are more likely to become law if Scott throws his weight behind them, or even steers them through the Legislature.

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