Higher Education: Beshear 2012 Budget Address

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This year: $1.25 billion
2012-13: $1.17 billion (down 6.4%)
2013-14: $1.18 billion (up 0.9%)

What they get:

The two-year budget for postsecondary education cuts spending by 6.4 percent next year, but fully funds student financial aid programs, including the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, among others. Appropriations would essentially remain constant in the second year of the biennium.

Funding is not allocated for a proposal to bring the University of Pikeville into Kentucky’s public university system. But Gov. Steve Beshear said ample funds are available in the multi-county coal fund if the legislature decides to move forward on the proposal.

The budget also authorizes $451 million in bonds for public institutions, including $39 million for the University of Louisville. In addition, it allows the University of Kentucky to begin the first phase of its dormitory rebuilding program.

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