Higher Education And The California Budget

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Gov. Jerry Brown's budget plan announced Thursday morning gives California's colleges and universities good news for the first time in years.

The CSU and UC systems would each receive an additional $125 million in funding for core instructional programs. It was less than they asked for, but far better than their outlook just a few months ago, before the passage of Propositions 30 and 39 in November. Those measures are expected to raise an additional $6 billion annually for the state. In addition, the two university systems will receive $125 million each next year, as promised, as part of a deal struck with the governor last year, pending the passage of Proposition 30.

The state's community colleges would receive $197 million more in general-purpose funds next year -- money that will allow colleges to restore thousands of classes, said California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris.

"Governor Brown's leadership in passing Proposition 30 means California community colleges can begin to make room for some of the hundreds of thousands of students who have been shut out of our system due to recent funding cuts," Harris said in a news release. "This budget represents a good start toward financial recovery for our system. The governor and voters deserve credit for beginning this overdue reinvestment."

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