Higher Ed Funding Formula Stirs Heated Debate in Las Vegas

Ann McClure's picture

Policymakers turned to verbal sparring Wednesday as they worked to finalize the framework for a new higher education funding formula.

Tensions ran high as state Sen. Steven Horsford, D-North Las Vegas, grilled Nevada’s higher education Chancellor Dan Klaich over the specifics of his proposed new funding formula.

“I think this is tinkering, not fundamental reform,” Horsford said, describing Klaich’s proposal at one point during a heated debate. “This is why the public hates government. This is unacceptable.”

The Nevada System of Higher Education’s proposed funding model — introduced in January — seeks to create a more transparent, fair and easy-to-understand way to distribute state funding to Nevada’s seven public universities and colleges every two years. The chancellor’s proposed formula would allow institutions to keep their own student tuition and fee dollars, but be supplemented with about $362 million in state funding.

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