Higher Ed Changes Coming

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With some concern among colleges about federal budgets cuts that will affect colleges and student awards Dr. Donald Bobbitt, new president of the University of Arkansas System, said at the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope-Texarkana campus Friday, “ Hold on to your hat. It is going to be an exciting year.”

Bobbit was on campus as part of a tour of all the U of A entities, as the new president after the retirement of  long time former president Dr. B. Alan Sugg.

Bobbitt took a tour of UACCH-Texarkana and talked briefly to a room full of media and constituents interested in his visit and then traveled on to the Hope campus to the UACCH Board of Visitors Meeting, a meet and greet with students, and a tour of Hempstead Hall, under construction on the UACCH campus.

Not seeming purposely to stir rivalry, Bobbitt did compliment team efforts in Arkansas Higher Education.
“What is the difference between Texas and your time spent here?”  he asked as he stood among room full of patrons for education in Arkansas at what will be a sister campus for UACCH being  constructed in Texarkana.

Bobbitt answered his question by making a statement about seeing state senators in the room and the strengths of the University of Arkansas being “the people.”  “Everyone in this room has been instrumental. It is very unique,” Bobbit said. “Because of the work of everyone at the city, it has gone as smooth as any construction project could go,”  UACCH Chancellor Chris Thomason also commented.  “ It is exciting to see a new college birthed in Arkansas,” Bobbitt said to those gathered in Texarkana. He said it had been a part of teamwork from everyone in the room. Thomason and UACCH Vice Chancellor of Academics.

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