Havells Introduces Superia CMI Lighting Lineup

Ann McClure's picture

Havells, a global leader in the lighting industry, is now offering its Superia CMI line of compact, efficient, and long-lasting high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. These HID lamps use ceramic technology designed to deliver crisper, brighter, and more reliable light for retail locations, lobbies, galleries, and cultural venues.

At the heart of the Superia CMI line is a radically redesigned, proprietary arc tube, which results in a number of performance advantages over similar technologies. “Most of our competitors rely on cylindrical arc tubes made of two-to-five pieces,” said Havells USA General Manager Kevin Doughty. “Our unique one-piece elliptical arc tube offers a number of performance gains, including superior color consistency and lumen maintenance—both of which are critical in retail environments.”

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