At Harvard, Suspects in Cheating Take a Leave

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Facing academic and financial deadlines, some of the Harvard students suspected in a cheating scandal have decided to take a leave of absence rather than face possible suspension for a year, according to people briefed on the matter.

Harvard officials declined to confirm or deny a report on Tuesday by Sports Illustrated that one of its star basketball players, Kyle Casey, was among the students withdrawing, and he could not be reached for comment. The university also would not say how many of the students have so far taken a voluntary leave, or how many of those are varsity athletes.

Tuesday was officially the last day that undergraduate students could withdraw without being responsible for any tuition payment, though several hundred dollars in fees, room and board could still be assessed. But an academic calendar published by Harvard incorrectly listed the deadline as Wednesday, so university officials said tuition-free withdrawals would be accepted on that day as well.

Tuesday was also the last day to register for classes for the semester that began a week earlier.

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